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Here at At zen: Body + Mind, holistic healing, we believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself. We offer a handful of highly specialized and complementary, non-Western approaches to encourage that healing through gentle movement, self-inquiry and a connection within.

We believe that all parts of the body, mind and spirit are connected and integral in healing from head to toe.

When you find true and lasting relief from pain, tension, stress and dis-ease in your body, you live in vitality, health and well-being.


what we offer at zen: body + mind holistic  healing 

Therapeutic Yoga

This deeply relaxing and restorative blend of yoga is a unique offering at Zen: Body + Mind—you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.

Therapeutic yoga is a combination of restorative yoga poses (where the body is supported with yoga props), gentle stretching, breathing exercises, guided meditations, visualizations, sound therapy, aromatherapy and more.

You’ll benefit from Cyndi’s extensive training and lived experience as you heal and restore your body, spirit and mind. You’ll enhance your spiritual well-being and energy alignment as you increase body awareness and tap into your body’s intuitive ability to heal itself.

You can always expect full attention on your specific needs and a practice catered to those needs. You’ll practice a tranquil environment with clean props to escape the busy-ness of life.

This practice is perfect for beginners and advanced yogis alike; for those working with injury; chronic illness; chronic pain or looking to increase flexibility. Therapeutic yoga is fabulous if you’re pregnant or post-partum.

To learn more about therapeutic yoga’s benefits, conditions treated or to book a session, contact Cyndi Roberts:




Reiki is a gentle, hands-on healing art of Japanese origin that reconnects you with your ability to heal yourself. It helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, balance emotions and facilitate personal healing.

Reiki is based on the understanding that all conditions of imbalance are rooted in the human energy field, and it is these underlying energetic patterns that must be addressed and resolved in order to create wellness.

You will begin your session by talking with Lexi, so she understands your needs and goals for the session. You will lay comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table and receive the healing benefits of reiki energy.

For more information or to book your session, contact Lexi:




Learn different methods of meditation and choose which is best for you at Zen: Body + Mind. Classes are taught by a variety of teachers that are likeminded and hold Zen’s ideals to a high standard.

Learn how to focus your mind, connect within, find inner peace and invite a sense of calm into your life. Some days it may feel as though your mind is controlling you, but the good news is, your mind is something that you can have control of. Come to our meditation classes and learn how.

Check out our events page or contact Cyndi or Lexi for more info.




Manual Medicine

A whole body, whole system approach which recognizes that the body is an integrated unit. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the slightest disturbance can cascade into a debilitating problem. Each case and each day is treated with care and genuine curiosity, listening to the body to see where it is struggling the most and where it needs the support to find its way back to balance, to kickstart its natural self-regulatory mechanisms.  

No system is forgotten—muscular, skeletal, neural, vascular, visceral, fascial.
This complete, wide angled view of each patient—every time they walk through the door—allows the larger picture to spring forward and uproot the causes of symptoms.  This process ultimately leads patients to a more whole, happy, involved and active life.

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Access Consciousness Bars ©

Helps eliminate thoughts and feelings that prevent you from achieving greater consciousness and opening yourself up to all the possibilities of the universe!

Helps you create and change the world around you to enable you to live the life you want. Bars can help you change all aspects of your life by opening you to healing that naturally exists within yourself and the universe.

Aids in releasing self-judging thoughts, all of which are unkind to you, creating a greater capacity for self love and acceptance.

Greatly reduces stress and helps create joy and abundance through greater consciousness.

Learn More About Access Consciousness ©
Access Consciousness Bars (c), is referred to as getting your bars run. It is a gentle pressure applied by the fingers to various parts of the head primarily. Each pressure point relates to a feeling or consciousness center such as joy, sorrow, creativity, body, form and structure – just to name a few. By gently pressing on each of these points for a time it helps do a couple of things. First, it helps release things you are holding onto that do not serve you and that limit your consciousness. Second, it helps open you to the greater possibilities in the universe by expanding your consciousness.

The process takes about an hour to complete, sometimes more. While there are over 40 points that can be applied, the practitioner uses some intuition in knowing when to stay longer at different points or when one may not be or primary importance at that session. This process opens one up to incredible healing powers lying within the consciousness and the process itself is relaxing and often transformative.

What to Expect When Getting Your Bars Run
In most cases, bars are run while you are lying down on your back unless for some reason a different position is warranted. It is not a massage and you leave your clothes on other than your shoes. You should dress casually, for comfort. You should feel comfortable and not be concerned about moving, asking for a blanket if you get cold, etc. Most people drift in and out of deep relaxation and sleep and that is perfectly fine. The process will work even if you are not immediately awake and aware of it.

No music is played while getting bars run as this interferes with the process and the opening of consciousness. You can feel free to talk or ask questions, this is your session! But most people prefer to settle into the relaxation and experience the process without talking although many like to share their experiences and that is perfectly fine and, in fact, wonderful. When the session is over you may feel very relaxed or very energized, depending upon what happened in your consciousness during that session. The most vital part is being comfortable and open to releasing what does not serve you and allowing in new and joyous experiences.



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