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Cyndi Roberts

Cyndi Roberts Yoga, LLC
RYT 500, E-RYT-200
Certified Therapeutic Yoga
Level II Reiki Master
Best-selling author


Western medicine failed me. It only offered me countless prescriptions to “solve” my health issues. In reality, it was only covering them up and in fact, making me sicker. To make matters worse, I was numb to and unaware of the fact that I was in control of my health.

For twelve long years, I trusted doctors and Western medicine as the only way to heal. It wasn’t until I began seeing my naturopath that the extent of the damage done to my liver came into focus. I learned at that point—at 30 years old—that I had the liver enzymes of a 60 year old, lifelong alcoholic. Liver failure, diabetes and death were imminent.

Learning that I had six months to live back in 2009 really opened my eyes to my true purpose and what matters most in life. It was the greatest gift I’ve ever received. I began my journey to unshakable inner peace, health and well-being—and never looked back.

To save my life, I began to search for holistic healing alternatives after a safe but intense detox supervised by a doctor. I started with yoga and meditation. Both made me very uncomfortable and I hated that. But I knew, somehow, that I had to keep practicing. Once I accepted being uncomfortable and embraced it, I couldn’t get enough. I fell deeply in love with these practices.

I remember like it was yesterday the feeling after my first power yoga class in 2010. I was eighty pounds overweight, in a room full of thin, strong, hot pants-wearing women. I felt like I had no business being in that class because of my size, weakness and insecurity. I remember lying there at the end of class with the biggest smile on my face, melting into the earth, covered in more sweat than I had ever been in my entire life. I felt such a deep connection to my self, peace and bliss. I felt a connection to my breath and soul, which hadn’t been felt since I was a child. In those moments, there was a knowing that was present in every cell in my body. That realization was that I had to learn everything I could about yoga and teach it one day.

I’ve since spent thousands of hours on my yoga mat, practicing, studying and teaching. Though I did my 200 hour teacher training in power yoga, I believe that yoga shouldn’t be a workout or forceful.

After suffering a shoulder injury, I was introduced to restorative yoga. Once again, I was uncomfortable, but knew I had to keep coming back. I fell even deeper in love and got my certification in therapeutic yoga shortly after. I continued my education by studying more in-depth gentle, yin, chair and restorative yoga. I also got my certification in prenatal yoga at Kripalu when I was six months pregnant.

Besides studying different types of asana, I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying old and new spiritual texts. I’ve participated in several enlightenment intensives to contemplate the meaning of life. Daily, I devour and practice the eight limbs of yoga for my own spiritual growth, mental health and well-being.

My passion is to create interesting and beneficial sequences for my students. I love incorporating my knowledge of power, hot and vinyasa yoga in a therapeutic way. I teach classes that are perfect for each individual so that they may get a genuine experience of yoga, not the commodification of yoga.

Yoga is a way of life for me, and a tool that I’ve used to take back control of my life.

I take great pride in living what I teach. I’m not the yoga teacher that doesn’t have a personal practice, teaches a class, and then hits the bar on Friday night.

Instead, yoga and meditation are profoundly spiritual experiences for me. In fact, I teach my students that feeling both the good and bad in life can direct them to a life of purpose. When we stuff down emotions with substances, addictions and distractions, we create imbalance in the body. This leads to dis-ease in our bodies and our lives. If we are present to what is occurring around us, without aversion or attachment, we flow with life. Harmony, peace and grace are all within the present moment. Our life is never not happening now and I love teaching students how to practice this. This simple fact saved me from intense suffering.

It is such a blessing for me to share yoga, meditation, nutrition and positive thinking with students. These are the the tools that I’ve used to lose (and keep off) eighty pounds, overcome addictions, heal and find true purpose in life. Since my full recovery, I no longer have the desire to escape through my past addictions: cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, shopping, negative thinking or drama. These past habits still show up from time to time. However, with my practice, with witnessing, I’m able to see them as old ways to cope with the intensity of life. Now, I no longer fall back into those old coping mechanisms. Instead, I jump into my practice, detach from ego, witness the mind and remember what is real. The suffering that I was so deeply caught in no longer has control over me.

I discovered my true self through the inward and spiritual practice of yoga. I was able to identify the cause of my addictions, eating issues, fear, suffering and the despair that I felt with my life. Unraveling the web of panic attacks, anxiety, severe depression and suicidal thinking that I was trapped in for three decades was possible through my practice. Fortunately, a life without those things is sustainable through my practice. That’s something that doctors said would never be possible for me.

I believe that one of the problems with Western medicine is that they treat symptoms—not underlying issues. When we look inward and get down to the root of our issues and work through them, that’s freedom. That’s healing.

A life connecting to what is truly important is accessible to you as well. I’d love to light the way for you and show you the door to healing. I can be the guide, but it’s up to you to walk through it. Peace, health and lasting well-being await you.

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