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I have devoted years to learning the art and skill of manual medicine, to be able to provide patients greater hope and relief than what traditional physical therapy has to offer.

I was introduced to manual medicine at Quinnipiac University, where I received my Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. It was here that an elective class changed my view of the body forever. Previously, the physical therapy rigor was straightforward—treat the symptoms. For example, a patient comes in to the clinic with shoulder pain, do protocol A, B, and C, and if that doesn’t help, refer them to an orthopedic for a cortisone injection or surgery.

With each passing day, I felt more and more passionately that traditional physical therapy imposed limitations to the healing process and did not fully serve the patient. I was ready for a new view of the body. Thankfully it came—manual therapy based on the Osteopathic Philosophy. This drastically different perspective was complimentary to the body; instead of treating the symptoms, treat the body and health will prevail.

I was consumed with this philosophy, but more importantly how the body responded to being treated this way. I remember being witness to miracles performed on the treatment table, all from a supportive touch. I was hooked, and spent the remainder of my college days in the library reading countless Osteopathic textbooks.

After graduation and passing the boards, I devoted my time and studies to this miraculous work. I spent as much time in the clinic as I did furthering my education through post graduate seminars and independent study. I have been around the country taking courses with world renowned therapists in pursuit of further knowledge, further skill and a better way to facilitate health within the body.

I desire to offer a broader, more integrated program of health and wellness prompted me to establish physical therapy clinics in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. Here I have treated patients from infancy to 100, allowing them to find relief from pain and the joy of improved whole-body health and performance.

I’m determined to broaden the perspective of health and wellness in the community by offering these techniques, skills and gifts. I have enjoyed being both a facilitator and a witness to the lives changed by this amazing work, and wish to provide the same for you.

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Our holistic healing center is located on the first floor of a beautiful Victorian house at the corner of Boulevard and South Main Street in West Hartford. That’s just two blocks from West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square.

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